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A few thoughts and FAQ's


This is one of the most important investments an actor can make.


It is most often the first impression on the industry. This includes agents, casting directors, directors and producers. It is imperative that every effort is made to put your best foot forward. From the beginning of the process to the end.......




Do you offer a consultation?


Absolutely! In fact, it is mandatory! Yep, it's one of few 'rules' we actually have. In person or over the phone - clear communication is vital. We get to know each other and understand your goals for the session.


We guarantee our work!


What should I bring to the shoot?


We suggest the 3:1 rule. For each look, bring 3 options. This includes tops and bottoms. Because we shoot a variety of angles and perspectives, the entire outfit must be considered. For multiple looks. men should bring a shaving kit - that way we can cover both scruffy and clean shaven looks.


What about Hair and Make Up? Is the Hair and Make Up Artist included?


We can arrange for a Hair and Make Up professional. They will help you be at your best. Rates vary - please inquire.


Do you touch up the photo's?


Yes. We do general touch ups. This includes blemishes, brightening eyes and teeth, flyaway hair and color correction. While there is much more that can be done, the shot has to actually look like you! Photoshop is a wonderful program that we use responsibly with the understanding that it does not replace a professional Hair and Make Up artist. We send you a proof of the shot for approval, before going to print.


Do you shoot in a studio or outdoors?


Both. While shooting indoors is preferred for controlling the light, we are fully portable and happy to shoot on location. It really depends on what has been communicated during the consult and what best suits your goals.


Do I receieve my photos on a CD? Do I get all of the images in high rez files?


We've made a decision to be as Green as possible. We offer a faster and more convenient way to proof your images. The session is posted to the client viewing section of this website. It is a password protected, private page that you'll be able to share with anyone you like. These shots are meant strictly for choosing your favourite(s) and are watermarked and sized accordingly. The number of photos depends on the session booked. Please see the Rates section.


*This is a great option for remote viewing and for example; an excellent way to give your agent an opportunity to remote view.


What about the 8x10 print? Do I receive the printable file? Is the cost included in the session fee?


Once you've chosen the image(s) to be printed. We prepare and send you the proof(s) for approval. Once approved, the printable file is sent to Rocket Repro. We use Rocket Repro for all professional printing as they're quality, turn around and price is unsurpassed. The print costs are not included in the session fee. Please see the Rocket Repro webiste for details.


Is it possible to get the chosen shot(s) in black and white?


Yes, free of charge!


Is there parking available near the studio? Public transport access?


Street/Metered parking is available.


Do you shoot on weekends?


We shoot seven days a week, day and night! Accomodate is our middle name!!


What forms of payment do you accept? Is there a deposit required?


Cash or Cheque work best and due at the end of the shoot. A 75$ deposit is required. We can not fully confirm the appointment without it. Paypal and Interac Email Transfer seem to be the most convenient. If you prefer to send a cheque, let us know and we'll arrange it.


Can I reschedule?


Yes, things happen, auditions come up the night before - we get it and are more then happy to reschedule. Please let us know ASAP. A few hours before is not acceptable and will forfeit the deposit. If its a no show - the deposit is forfeit and we will not work with you in the future.